From Science to Fantasy

6 episodes

Contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto designed the Enoura Observatory to be a "future historic site" that will last for ten thousand years and as a place where people can return to the origins of humanity and art and measure the distance between the world, space, and themselves. In this dialogue series, recorded at the Enoura Observatory.

Sugimoto looks at the theme of "from science to fantasy" in anticipation of creating art using our space camera. Sugimoto invites prominent figures from a vanity of fields to engage in deep explorations of "the space perspectives" that modern humanity in currently in the midst of acquiring, as well as the art, culture, society and civilization that will emerge from this acquisition.

Director: Yuta Okamura
Executive Producer: Yusuke Muraki(Sony Group Corporation)
Producer: Yusuke Fukagawa(B-Side Standard Inc.)
Cast: Hiroshi Sugimoto & Yui Kimiya(JAXA) & Hiroaki KitanoSony Group Corporation) & Mari Hashimoto & Takamitsu Yamamoto
Assistant Producer: Noriko Ninokata(B-Side Standard Inc.) & Layla Suzuki(B-Side Standard Inc.)
Recording Director: Shuhei Taniguchi(Seikatsu to Ongaku llc.)
Cinematographer: Ryo Takahashi & Hidemi Shinoda & Ryo Anraku & Tatsunari Sakai & Ryo Ogawa & Yuta Okamura
Sound: Manabu Otsuka
Sound Mixer: Shinichiro Ura
Special Thanks: Atsuko Koyanagi & Keiko Inamasu(Odawara Art Foundation)& Gen Aihara(Suigimoto Studio)



監督: 岡村裕太
企画統括: 村木祐介(ソニーグループ株式会社)
プロデューサー: 深川裕介 (株式会社B-Side Standard )
アシスタントプロデューサー: 二之方乃梨子 (株式会社B-Side Standard ) / 鈴木れいら (株式会社B-Side Standard )
レコーディングディレクター: 谷口周平 (生活と音楽合同会社)
撮影: 髙橋亮 / 篠田英美 / 安楽涼 / 酒井達成 / 小川亮 / 岡村裕太
音声: 大塚学
出演: 杉本博司 / 油井亀美也 (JAXA) / 北野宏明 (ソニーグループ株式会社) / 橋本麻里 / 山本貴光
ミキシング: 浦真一郎
協力: 小柳 敦子・稲益智恵子 (公益財団法人小田原文化財団) / 相原玄 (杉本スタジオ)